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Even in the best of times, a lot of businesses look at their ledgers and find that their payment schedules coming in and going out do not always align. When the amount is stacked too far to the outbound side, cash flow problems can flare up – and right now, that’s additional stress that your company can do without.

Luckily, we’re no stranger to helping our fellow business owners when they have cash flow issues. For years, we have been a place to turn to when entrepreneurs from organizations large and small have needed an extra cash injection to carry them through those periods where their receivables haven’t come in yet. And our services are intended to keep you liquid and agile, able to invest in whatever initiatives or expenses that you see fit.

  1. Fleet & Equipment Financing: Many of our clients run large-scale agricultural operations, work in the energy industry, or are a part of a nationwide transportation company – and in all of those, the cost of buying and maintaining equipment can easily reach millions of dollars. When you’re looking to expand and upgrade your fleet, you don’t have to waste precious time waiting for all your accounts to settle up. We can help you get the trucks, machinery, or other equipment you need, when you need them.
  2. Purchase Order Financing: If you’re one of the thousands of businesses who resell goods from suppliers, you’ve probably encountered a cash crunch at some point. Sales volume can be hard to predict, but our services aren’t – simply let us know how much your outstanding purchase orders are, and we can work out a much faster cash solution. Lose the stress of trying to decide what vital items need to be left behind – with Rise Capital, you can get all the necessities.
  3. Receivables Financing: Accounts receivable can be a major source of headaches for businesses of all sizes. With different payment schedules that can vary by months, along with different plans, transfer methods, and fluctuating reliability of repeat business, chasing down what you’re owed can add all kinds of unwanted stress on to your normal operations. The easy solution? Come to Rise for a one-stop cash injection that will hold you over until your client base is ready to pay.
  4. Asset-Based Loans: Even if you have no accounts outstanding, if you’re low on cash flow, we can find a solution for you. Like a bank (but much quicker, and far more understanding), we consider collateral and other assets for businesses in search of loans. If you’re ready to finally turn your great, life-long idea into a reality, and all you need is a little bit of cash flow to get you over the hill, we would love to help make it happen for you.
  5. Refinancing/Recapitalization: Running a business is a lot of work, and making your operations as efficient as possible is a key part of keeping things going. If you’re thinking of consolidating debt streams or reorganizing the capital structure of your company, we’re able to provide you with the necessary funds that will bridge any gaps in your budgets, which in turn can allow your business to truly bloom to its full potential.
  6. DIP (Debtor-In-Possession) Loans: In the event of restructuring, we offer customized DIP plans that can keep you afloat as you navigate through the process. These will help you avoid greater debts resulting from immediate closures and liquidation, and can be just the influx of funding you need in order to get back on your feet.

We offer services to many of the largest industries across Canada, including energy production, agriculture, transportation, technology, and manufacturing. With the ability to help organizations who invoice up to $20 million, we are an agile and adaptable resource to use as needed. So if you’re worried about having enough cash flow, Rise Capital is here to help you do just that. All you have to do is reach out and RISE with us!