Support Local Alberta: Energy and Construction

The COVID-19 pandemic has small and medium-sized businesses requesting Albertans to invest in their communities by purchasing goods and services from locally-owned businesses. To date, the local movement has focused mostly on the retail, hospitality, and food and beverage industries, but there should be a focus on construction and energy. Ergo, supporting local includes B2B.

3 Ways to Support Local in Your Organization

  1. Vendor Audit – Audit current vendors and note which are local and which are not local. This is the first step to find immediate opportunities that keep dollars in the province.
  2. ‘Local-First’ Culture – Integrate a ‘local-first’ strategy into business operations. When selecting a vendor, ensure that employees look for businesses in the area first.
  3. Local Promotion – Promoting local vendors, or vice versa, solidifies an organization’s commitment to the prosperity of their communities. This is key to not only generating more economic return in the province, but also enhances current business relationships.

Where to start? There are a few companies providing great quality services to Alberta’s industries, and filtering out who is from the area and who is not can be exhausting. That is why this article focuses on two companies that can complete future services needed in energy and construction, alleviating research fatigue.


Alberta’s energy industry is working hard to innovate, creating new growth opportunities for oil and gas companies. Below is an organization that didn’t hesitate to RISE to this occasion.

Hyjack Energy Services

This oilfield services company is committed to providing innovative well services to upstream energy companies in Alberta. Their team knows that there is a better way, eager to grow.


Alberta’s construction sector is an important industry, employing over 200 thousand Albertans, according to alis Alberta. This industry is key to building our communities (literally).

The Concrete Army

This company is a pillar of northern Alberta’s construction industry, delivering concrete foundation solutions. Their team is committed to providing reliable foundation, stone slinging, aggregate hauling, earth moving, and demolition services. The Concrete Army is dedicated to their community, giving services back to their local area and taking part in community organizations. They are an exemplary business, invested in both the local economy and community.

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