How We Help Business Owners Like You

Companies can face cash flow issues even in the best of times. Especially now, great opportunities don’t come around every day. And when they do, it’s important that you act fast and take advantage of them. The challenge is that you may not always have the ability to do so.

At RISE Capital, we give fast access to the financing you need to seize on opportunities and grow your business. No more phone calls to family members for help, and no more maxing out your credit cards.

Manpower. Equipment. Materials. It’s within reach. Here’s how.

1. Cash Flow Support

No matter how large or small, every company will go through periods where they need an extra cash injection. RISE Capital helps your company be agile and offers fast, flexible capital so that you can keep investing in initiatives related to your business. Here are a few ways we can help:

  •  We offer Fleet and Equipment Financing to help expand and update your fleet of trucks, bulldozers, x-ray machines, excavators, and more.
  • Our team of Purchase Order Financing and Receivables Financing experts can provide you with cash flow before you receive customer payments, so you don’t have to wait to invest in that new 3D printer you’ve had your eye on.
  •  Low cash flow? We can help you review all your collateral and secure the right Asset-Based Loan for your business.
  • Change is a necessary part of doing business, and sometimes consolidating your debt or reorganizing your capital structure is the best way forward. We provide Refinancing and Recapitalization services and support you throughout the process, making change as seamless as possible for you and your team.
  • We also offer Debtor-In-Possession Loans to help give added stability and further you with cash flows while you restructure.

At RISE Capital, we succeed when your business succeeds. As a true partner, we are invested in your business. Through these services, we will support you so that you can focus your time and energy on operational activities.

2. Financial Advising

Are you still invoicing your clients with carbon paper? While that was efficient at one point, new technologies such as QuickBooks, XERO, Dext (formerly Receipt Bank), FieldCap are making invoicing, ticketing, and accounting more streamlined. No need to waste time trying to learn more about each piece of software, though. After all, your time is valuable. We specialize in finding and fixing inefficiencies in business structures by introducing you to better ways to optimize. We are here to answer your financial questions, as well as connect you with trusted accountants and legal teams to provide additional assistance.

As a champion of small businesses, we are here to provide you with sound financial advice to better understand your capital management options.

3. Strategic Leasing

Whether you’re in Energy, Agriculture, Transportation, Technologies, or Manufacturing, we provide leasing options that suit your business. We want to see local companies in Alberta thrive as the world starts to return to normal, and we understand that many may need help as normal business operations resume once again.
Our expertise, flexibility to meet various financial needs, and simple clear deal process empowers you to capitalize on opportunities to grow and thrive. From helping you manage your cash flow optimize your business to providing leasing options so that you can continue with business as usual. We exist to champion SMBs (small and mid-sized businesses) like yours to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

RISE to any challenge with our team. Click here to book a consultation or give us a call at 403-608-1002.