Success Is Within Reach

Our Factoring Process

With our five-step process, you can easily get the funds you need from your invoices, without costly delays. Here’s how it works.

You finish a job and invoice your client, where it is received and approved in their accounts payable department.
Present the invoice(s) for your desired funds to RISE, along with our standard verification requirements.
Once we process the invoice(s), we deposit the money directly into the bank account you provide.
When they are ready to pay, your original customer sends payment to us for their invoice(s).
We subtract a service fee and deposit the remaining funds into your bank account.

Management Team

Dan Ardiel


Dan is a founding partner with RISE Capital. Previously he was Vice President of Corporate Development at an oilfield services company and prior to that Vice-President of a Calgary based venture capital firm. Mr. Ardiel was a founding shareholder of Maxen Petroleum Inc. (now Pan Orient Energy Corp.).

Mobile: 403-608-1002