A trusted ally of Canadian companies

In our line of work, we get to meet and collaborate with a lot of people all around western Canada, but with each one, we try to build connections that go deeper than the surface level. We strive to create genuine relationships with all of our clients, ensuring that they know we are a trusted ally that will help to keep their business going through all its ups and downs.

Every so often, some of our clients write in to tell us the impact that our services have had, and let us know about the recommendations they give to others. Here are some of our favourite testimonials that we’ve received over the years.


Processing our invoices with Rise Capital has alleviated the hassle of managing our receivables, meeting our payroll demands, and worrying about cash flow. We will continue working with the team at RISE as we expand our business!


Accounts Receivable/Vendor Management,
Oil & Gas Services Company


Being in western Canada, we encounter quite a few oil & gas companies, and we never shy away from helping them achieve a bit of financial breathing room. With such a large and wide-ranging scope of work, even small hiccups in cash flow can make it difficult to maintain day-to-day operations. When the management reached out to us for help, we took the time to listen to their needs and craft a solution that would work for the long-term. Judging from their kind words, it looks like we succeeded.


RISE Capital has been very adaptable to our specific needs and time restraints. They are always very accommodating and provided us with the information we need to make sound business decisions.


Accounts Receivable/Vendor Management, Trucking and Logistics Company


This family-owned and operated local business is based just outside of Red Deer, AB. Their work takes them all over western Canada, helping companies throughout several other industries – construction, architecture, landscaping, transportation, etc – get gravel and other aggregate materials. They also offer trucking, excavation, hauling, snow removal, and other services to meet the needs of their community.

There are a lot of moving parts to their business, and they were finding it difficult to synchronize payment schedules from clients with their own payable accounts. To fill in any shortcomings, the owners came to RISE, explained the situation, and got the influx of cash they needed – kickstarting a long-lasting and fruitful relationship of mutual benefit.


Choosing to work with RISE Capital was a great decision. We’ve managed to reduce the pains of cash flow and growth to the point we hardly even think of it. This keeps us focused on our business! It has been a great tool.


Owner, Custom Manufacturing


These words really speak for themselves. We work with a range of businesses, spanning from mid- to large-sized organizations with up to $20 million in invoices. Whether you need liquidity to stay agile in your market, some cash to invest in new equipment for an expansion, a bit of room to operate while you consolidate other debts, or another situation entirely, we’re happy to sit down and walk you through our transparent, hassle-free process.

Our goal is to help our clients out so we can all rise together. If you’re finding yourself in a difficult situation, we can help mitigate the worst effects of a cash-flow bottleneck and get you back up and running. Spend less time chasing payments, and more building up your business – it’s what we’re here for!